What We Do // Takatu // Nga Rangatahi Toa


This project is a partnership between Ngā Rangatahi Toa and Tindall Next Gen Fund, and is focused on providing a positive education experience, based in creativity, for our rangatahi and their peers. Takatū is an eight-week creative arts programme run in the NRT School of Creativity classroom in Otara, and in AIMHI alternative education classrooms in South Auckland. Rangatahi are immersed in creative arts – learning new skills, gaining confidence, and developing into self-motivated learners.  

Overseen by a lead teacher, experienced artist-mentors guide the rangatahi through development of their own creative process in areas such as music, poetry, dance & visual arts. Mentors, who are experts in these art forms, work with rangatahi to create art work in response to their life experience and issues of social justice. Rangatahi are then supported to facilitate a peer-to-peer community cultural development projects with other young people in South Auckland alternative education classrooms. As with all of our projects, Takatū will be supported by our mindfulness and yoga program.

The Details
  • 36 rangatahi involved in high-engagement mentoring annually
  • 10 trained artist-mentors
  • Up to 60 rangatahi involved in wider community projects
  • Based on a curriculum of social justice
  • High-engagement rangatahi are inducted into kaupapa and curriculum of Ngā Rangatahi Toa by their trained artist-mentors
  • Artist-mentors support high-engagement rangatahi to teach their peers



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