About NRT

Creativity, innovation and personal transformation

Ngā Rangatahi Toa has been nationally and internationally recognised for our social-justice-based education work and creative youth development work for young people. Our immersive and intensive programmes connect rangatahi with top New Zealand musicians, actors and artists. Rangatahi participation and success is supported by our youth development team who have a long-term positive involvement in the lives of our young people, and implement our whānau wrap-around approach. The sense of purpose our young people develop is strengthened through deep, meaningful relationships that happen over time through our intensive wānanga, in-schools programme and end-of-year theatre performance, entitled Manawa Ora.

We have high expectations of our young people. We believe in them and see them as capable of achieving their dreams. Our creative youth development programmes focus on connection.Connection to self, whānau and peers, community and society.

When deep connection has been formed, our young people are enabled to dream big!

Our Youth Development team walk with them in a journey to explore higher learning, work placement opportunities and support whānau through advocacy, community networks and employment support. While our focus is always centred on the young person, our young people don’t live in isolation to whānau, therefore to bring about real change a whānau centred approach is also required.This enables generational shifts and wellbeing.