What We Do

Together, through creativity, we change lives.

We exist because teenagers don’t always have a good experience in school. When this happens, disconnection from the education system happens at a crucial time for young people, limiting their future options for fulfilling their potential. In the longer term, this isolation can have negative knock-on effects as these teens attempt to find their way in the world.

Ngā Rangatahi Toa believes all young people should have access to learning and high levels of opportunity in education and employment. The organisation works with a collective of people that think the same way: that if society maybe looked at and labelled people weird or crazy, or presumed they’d amount to nothing, then the people being labelled weird just haven’t found their people yet. Ngā Rangatahi Toa is that group of weirdos that people are curious about, that people are in awe of because of their weirdness and confidence. This is blended with a rigour and professionalism in Youth Development that is second to none.

Our young people have become brave in the face of adversity. The Ngā Rangatahi Toa team works with them and with  community policing teams, the courts system, schools and other agencies that are committed to ensuring our kids have the best possible opportunities to thrive and flourish free from stigma of where they grew up, their postcode or the way in which they talk.

We uprise the positive to downsize the negative. It’s called strength-based practice, and it’s what we’re great at.

Grounded in love,connection and Te Ao Māori our intensive and immersive creative youth development programmes with top New Zealand artists and a kick ass youth development team mean these awesome young people reconnect to place and people, find purpose and direction, and successfully re-engage with learning and move onto employment.

Our work teaches communication skills and critical decision making processes. Young people are challenged, to take positive risks in creativity, supported by our youth development team and creative artists We work with young people and their whānau for a minimum of 12 months and ongoing engagement throughout the year is supported by key staff.

Our year long program includes weekend creative youth development through wānanga,workshops to devise theatre works, Matariki exhibitions and workshops, in schools (Whāriki) program, business based mentoring, setting of Te Whare Tapa Whā wellbeing plans,  and fortnightly peer workshops for our young leaders that sit on the peripheral of exclusion from mainstream school.


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