Thank you One Percent Collective!



One Percent Collective has been inspiring generosity and simplifying regular giving since 2012. They do this so a diverse mix of small grassroots charities like Ngā Rangatahi Toa can spend less time fundraising, and more time empowering and inspiring the rangatahi we work with.


Donating to Ngā Rangatahi Toa through One Percent Collective means so much more than money! We’re honoured to be a part of a Collective of charities. One Percent Collective tells our stories, shows our impact, shouts about us on social media and advertises (at no cost to us) to increase awareness of Ngā Rangatahi Toa, what we do and why it matters.


When you give to Ngā Rangatahi Toa with One Percent Collective, every cent donated lands in our bank account – they don’t take a cut because they’re a charity too! We get 100% of donated funds with no strings attached and One Percent Collective handles all the admin.


A great giving experience.

When you support Ngā Rangatahi Toa through One Percent Collective, they’ll keep you in the loop on what we’re up to and the impact your donations are having. They will NEVER spam you with anything unimportant. They will NEVER ask you to increase your donations or make extra payments. They even make it easy to claim a 33% rebate on your Ngā Rangatahi Toa donations at tax time! This all adds up to a great giving experience that you’ll love being a part of.

Support one or many.

With a quick and easy One Percent Collective signup, you can choose to just support Ngā Rangatahi Toa or you can spread the love amongst the Collective whānau by also supporting our fellow partner charities too.

One Percent Collective makes it super-easy to donate to one or more trusted charities with one simple signup. Give as much as you like, as often as you like. 

Does it have to be 1%?

Donating 1% of your income is just a suggestion. For the average person, that’s around $10 a week but whatever is comfortable for you works for us. It’s easy to adjust your regular donation up or down if your circumstances change. You can even take a giving holiday if you need to.

One-off giving.

One Percent Collective encourages regular giving because it allows charities to make future plans based on predictable numbers. But not everybody can be confident about their own future income. If you can give today but you’re not so sure about tomorrow, any donation is appreciated. Make a one-off donation at

Still don’t understand the concept?

We’ve all got a subscription to something. For some people it might be music, movies or magazines. For others it’s wine and cheese! Think of One Percent Collective as your subscription to to positive change in Aotearoa New Zealand.