One of our tuakana, Jazzy, reflects on life in lockdown

One of our tuakana, Jazzy, reflects on life in lockdown

Covid-19 Level 4 means our rangatahi aren’t able to gather for our regular hui, so that’s meant catching up with them all virtually or a series of online catchups and connections. In this chat, one of our tuakana, Jazzy, talks about what life in lockdown has been like for her. 

I caught up with Jazzy over one of many zui’s. Jazzy has been using this time for reflection, processing and planning out her to-do list once lockdown lifts. We asked her for her thoughts on being with Ngā Rangatahi Toa and what it means to be a tuakana.

“I’ve been with youse for over a year now,” Jazzy reflects as she practices her TikTok moves. “I see the tuakana role as the opportunity to be a good role model for the newbies, making sure everyone is happy and that they have a safe space”.

Jazzy has felt it important to stay positive during this time. “By knowing that everyone in my family is safe and spending time with them while I have the opportunity. Our Taha whānau goal was to walk up One Tree Hill early in the morning and now it has turned into a daily thing. When I start to feel stressed, I realise I need my own space, so I lock myself in the room and read my book.”

Jazzy recognises while there are positives, there have also been challenges. “Staying away from my friends, not hanging out and I’m missing McDonalds!”

Power of gratitude

Jazzy says that while she’s been reflecting, she’s also been aware of how her friends are processing the lockdown period and connecting with them online to help with distractions. “My friends have been keeping track of everything and watching the news online. Alot of people have COVID-19 and I’m a little bit worried, but I know how to keep myself safe. I’m also really grateful at this time to have food in my cupboards and fridge, have my family and being able to have contact with others online.”

Doing things differently

Would Jazzy have done anything differently in lockdown? “Personally, I would have more things to keep me occupied. [But] it’s all good in my hood, everything is sweet but people across New Zealand need to follow the rules, stop their meet ups or going to their friends’ houses and just STAY HOME. The first thing I’m gonna do once lockdown lifts is go and get McDonald’s! But until then I wanna say to other rangatahi, Stay home,stay safe!”